Images make your content engaging and visually appealing for your members. In the Kourses platform, we've designed the interface to complement your images and create areas that wow members.

We use super fast servers to ensure your member's pages load lightning fast. However, some considerations will help you ensure your images are optimized for speed online. 

Step 1: Understand image formats

Different image formats have varying file sizes and qualities. Here are the ones you should know:

  • JPEG (or JPG): Great for photographs. Offers a good balance between quality and file size.
  • PNG: Ideal for images with transparency. Offers higher quality but larger file sizes than JPEG.

Step 2: Choose the correct resolution

Resolution plays a vital role in image size and load speed. For use in the Kourses platform:

  • Reduce the resolution: Aim to follow the recommendations on image sizes that are provided in the Kourses platform. Thumbnails, logos and icon images should typically be small image sizes.
  • Remember: Higher-resolution images are larger in size and take longer to load.

Step 3: Compress your images

Image compression is crucial for web optimization. Before you upload an image to the kourses platform, we recommend you use tools like:

  • TinyPNG or User-friendly and effective for quick compression without much quality loss.
  • GIMP: A free and open-source alternative to Photoshop.

We recommend using TinyPNG for all images; we use this ourselves. You upload your image to TinyPNG and download the optimized version. TinyPNG is free to use. 

>> Access TinyPNG here

Step 4: Test your image

After compression, we recommend you check the image to ensure it still looks good.


Optimizing images before uploading them to the Kourses platform enhances the speed and efficiency of your Kourses platform, providing a better experience for your members. By understanding image formats, choosing the right resolution and compressing images, you'll be well on your way to a faster, more engaging membership site. Happy uploading!

If you need more help from our team, we're always here to help. To send us a message click here.