The "Feed" Page of your site will show the latest post and comment activity from your Kourses hubs.

To modify the settings of the "Feed" page, just login to the Kourses app, and navigate to "Website" and "Feed" where you'll see the options.

Layout Style

There are currently 3 layout styles to choose from for the Feed page.

  1. Full - Shows the full content of each post in detail
  2. Shortened - Shows a preview of each post with a snippet of the first paragraph. 
  3. List - Shows a list of the post titles and number of comments. A great way to show a lot of activity without showing a lengthy page.

Post Sorting

This setting controls how you wish to have your posts sorted on the Feed page. You can choose from Latest, Oldest, Alphabetical, Popular (most comments), Liked (most likes), and New Activity. 

Start Writing Your Post

The "Start Writing Your Post" area at the top is shown on the Feed page to help give your members an easy way to start writing their post. 

If you click on the "Start writing your post" area, you'll see a full post editor, and if you have more than one community, the member will be able to choose which one they want the post to show within. 

If you need more help from our team, we're always here to help. To send us a message click here.