How to use Hubs

The Hubs Overview page is where you add a new hub or manage your existing hubs.

Hubs are where you add your membership content and you can create multiple hubs within your membership.

Filtering Your Hubs

Included in the Hub Dashboard is the ability to filter your hubs.

Filtering your hub

Using the filtering options provided, you will be able to easily filter your hubs based on content (online course, download & resources, content page or community).

Managing a Hub

To manage an existing hub, clicking on the three dots to the right of the hub name will show you a list of options.

Managing your hub

You will be able to preview your hub, edit its settings or delete the hub from your hub listings (deleting a hub cannot be undone).

Adding a New Hub

To add a new Hub, click on the 'New Hub' button on the top-right corner of the main dashboard.

Add a new hub

Once clicked, you will be given options to select which features you would like your hub to include.

You will have the option to add an online course, a download & resources area, a content page and a community, which you can activate by clicking on the toggle icon to the right of each selection (you can change these options later if needed).

Once you're happy with your selections, click the 'Next: Title' button.

Select hub features

Next, you will be able to give your hub a name as well as select from a list of icons (these can be changed later if needed). The hub name and icon will show for members on your membership site 

When you've given your hub a name, click the 'Select Category' button.

Assign hub name

You will next need to create a category for your hub or select from your existing categories that you may have created previously. 

Assigning your hub to a category will allow you to organise your hubs and make it easier for members to navigate your membership site.

Once you've selected your category, click the 'Create Hub' button. Your hub will now be created and you can now begin customizing the hub options.

Select hub category

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