For the convenience of your members, Kourses includes an option to turn on video autoplay, which means your videos will autoplay as soon as they are loaded when a member visits a lesson page.

In some cases, the autoplay function may not work for some members. This article will explain the reasons for this and how to troubleshoot:

⚠️ Note: Autoplay videos only work on desktop devices. Autoplay for videos on mobile devices is no longer possible due to resrtrictions placed on this by Apple/Android and mobile browsers.

Autoplay restrictions

If the autoplay option is turned on, Kourses attempt to automatically begin lesson video playback. However, please note that some browsers specifically block autoplay. In these cases, your video will revert back to the original thumbnail and controls, requiring viewers to select play to start playback.

Autoplay is currently restricted in the following environments:

Safari version 11+ (Desktop)

Chrome version 66+ (Desktop/Mobile)

  • Autoplaying videos must be muted.
  • Videos that are frequently visited by the viewer are permitted to autoplay with sound (based on Google’s scoring system)
  • Documentation:

Firefox 66+ (Desktop/Mobile)

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