Have you ever noticed the tiny icons on browser tabs? Those are favicons and play a surprisingly important role in your website's identity and user experience. 

What is a Favicon?

A favicon, short for "favourite icon," is a small, typically 16x16 pixels icon associated with a particular website or webpage. It's displayed in various places, such as the browser tab, address bar, and search results.

Your Favicon

  • Create the Icon: Design a simple, recognizable icon representing your brand. Remember, it should be legible even at small sizes.
  • Format: Ensure the icon is square and saved in formats like .png or .jpg.
  • Size: The standard size is 16x16 pixels, but it's good to provide larger sizes for high-resolution displays, max 32x32.

Adding a favicon might seem small, but it helps your website's branding and user experience. It's a simple way to make your site look more professional, recognizable, and user-friendly. Don't overlook this tiny icon; it can make a big difference!

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