How to use Drip Scheduling

Using the drip & scheduling will allow you to deliver your modules and lessons over a period of days, weeks or longer. This can help improve course engagement.

By default, you can drip and schedule your course content by modules and will see the toggle for this set to 'Off' in the Customize Content Release area.

Next, you will see a list of all of your current modules that you can schedule. Clicking on the 'Set Schedule' link will reveal an area where you can set a specific day to deliver your module to new members.

To schedule individual lessons within the modules, switch the toggle on the Customize Content Release area to 'on.'

This will allow you to schedule individual lessons.

Lastly, you can also turn on and customize the Email Notifications of your dripped content, informing members of when new content is released inside their member's area.

Clicking on the '(x)' icon will give you a list of custom variables that you can use inside your custom email notification, which Kourses will populate with the right customer information.

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